Capital Raising

Increase your financial capacity and dominate your business goals with Ingen Consulting Group. Our team of strategists have succeeded in raising financial capital from domestic and international investors for a multitude of companies both private and public, nationally and abroad. We have fostered growth amongst enterprises and entrepreneurs by establishing sensible, tailored growth capital financing solutions that benefit both the client and the financial institution to which they’re in negotiations with.

As financial consultants and corporate advisors for various business organisations around the world, we have developed a unique approach to capital raising by maintaining honesty and integrity in our strategies, consistency and stability in our results and, unlike capital brokers or investment bankers, fairness and transparency in our pricing structures. We want to fund your operation by building a strong foundation that facilitates your journey toward exponential business growth.

Our Capital Raising Process

Step 1
First Meeting
Step 2
Due Diligence/Review
Step 3
Services & Commission Agreement
Step 4
Business Strategy
Step 5
Project Management

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